HELEN RYNNE is an accomplished professional actress based in London. Tackling every role with enthusiasm and intelligence she can adapt seamlessly from classical works to contemporary roles, improvisation and sketch comedy to screen roles or musical theatre; be it comedy or drama, she has a captivating presence.

She has worked extensively in theatre having performed at venues including the RSC's Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, The Buxton Opera House, London Palladium and Nottingham Castle as well as some highly regarded London fringe shows. She is also an experienced corporate role play actress and skilled improviser.

Helen continues to seek out challenging roles that offer creativity and diversity.

Twitter: @HelenRynne

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by Simon Mayhew

Voicereel 2015.mp3

Helen is an Equity, Spotlight and Actors' Guild member.  To view her spotlight page click this button:

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Helen Rynne "displayed genuine talent and versatility and effortlessly secured audience participation" (Halifax Courier)

...."is excellent as the devilish Mrs. Cheveley" (The Stage)

...."impressed as Mercutio" (The Munster Express)

...."as Rosalind, the excellent Helen Rynne..." (The Stage)

as Lady Macbeth 2009

Helen is represented by McMahon Management

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